They do not belong to the webmaster: no more than theoretical research we are all indebted to the community.

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In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review> Summary June 2002 Layout: Lucien Buessler Duplication: Monique Bolmont Installation and routing Francis Bothner Management: Bernard Mislin educational Building East, No.

338-339, June-July 2002 They call Alice Garigin, Soufiane, Katia Victor Melina …, p. 4 Chronicle of a school today Mathias arranges, Annabelle takes over Drawings and CE2 of child texts of Cosne d’Allier Discover the history otherwise Echoes of the 11th Congress of the Swiss Freinet Movement In honor Christiane Hammer liked: An Algerian dream, Jean-Luc Einaudi Tips and tricks: to prevent the sheets sag and deform A beautiful selection of texts Freinet An internship in Saratov (Russia), pp. 15-20 They call Alice Garigin, Soufiane, Katia Victor Melina …, p. 4> Print

Results 11 to 20 from 414 Results Regional Internship Cibeins 2019 – math Creation By Jean-Luc Verilhac on 19/02/19 – 0:16 In Region Central East report Internship Maths CR is attached file! Add comment 1 attachment Regional Internship Cibeins 2019 – Workshops on the first day by Jean-Luc Verilhac the 02/18/19 – 24:03 In: Central East Region Internship This report of resources on the site that complement these workshops.

But you can find them yourself (and many others) by using the “Search” at the top right of the home page of this site! – Practices sounds and music: https: // … – Arts and Creations: / site-arts-and-creations – Study of the environment: Add comment Read more Internship FREM-EC (the Regional Federation of Modern School – Center East) GD69 By Pascal Married 11/03/18 – 3:48 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 69 – Rhone Course dates: 17/02/19 (day) – 02.20.19 ( day) Location: Cibeins (01) unwinding operation to define a comment Read more Regional Training Cibeins 2019 – Journal 1 By Jean-Luc Verilhac the 02/18/19 – 11:34 in Region Central East Journal internship internship well, it’s worse than the paper version with small crobards!

Add comment 1 attachment Training course creations Katina Ieremiadis on 10/09/09 – 8:54 In: The Art and Internship creations Sector organizes training courses. Add a comment Read more The Polalhera, online journal of the internship Frem Paca February 2015 … By Jean-Charles Huver on 03/01/15 – 4:58 p.m. In.

PACA region Gr Preparation Course newspaper Internships internship Freinet Pedagogy by environmental studies internship do my homework services
of FREM PACA 2 comments Read more cooperatives practices still alive Calmels the school by Audrey 09/02/19 – 10:53 in: GD 09 – Ariege internship dates: 04/04/19 – 09:00 – 05/04/19 – 17:00 Location: ESPE Foix Internship Inter at the initiative of ICEM GRAP- 09 for all, teacher-es of the 1st and 2nd degrees, educational staff, AVS-AESH, union members or not, or … contact GRAP on: a comment Learn more industry training course Arts and creations of the ICEM July 14 to 21, 2018 By Jacqueline Benais on 01/09/18 – 5:21 p.m. In: Gr.

Arts and Creations Arts Internship pedagogical principles> term-created ation sector Training Course Arts and Creations ICEM of 14 to 21 July 2018 in Getigne (Loire Atlantique) Add Comment Read more Internship Easter ICEM11 “pedagogies Cooperatives” By Nicolas Zannettacci the 03.02.19 – 9:26 p.m. in: GD 11 – Aude Course dates: 21/04/19 – 10:00 – 24/04/19 – 16:30 Location: Center “La Forge” in Quillan (11) Hello, Add a comment Read more out to school Gaspard Monge – GD 26 South By Lise Bukiet the 31/01/19 – 10:52 p.m. in: GD 26 – Drome Course dates: 02/16/19 – 08:00 – 16 : 00 Location: Ecole Saint Etienne Gaspard Monge Hello and Happy New year to you all! To begin this new year, ICEM26-Freinet invites you to a day trip Saturday, February 16th at the school Gaspard Monge Saint Etienne (42). It is a school that works in part with a team of teachers Freinet. a comment Read more «first

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Results 31 40 60 Results from Encycoop Info By Claude Beaunis on 24/06/13 – 3:29 p.m. In: news a website Encycoop Info Add Comment Read more Philosophy on the wire For the Claude Beaunis 03/11/13 – 24:12 in: a website Philosophy Laurence blog Bouchet and students from Xavier High school Marmier Pontarlier (25) Reflect on the teaching and practice teaching guided by the values ??of emancipation, cooperation and solidarity are the reasons behind the development of this blog.

In these pages that accompany the philosophy course, will be found records of discussions that took place in the classroom, free texts for students, teachers and friends of philosophy and thought. We can also read reports of meetings and philosophy-related events that took place at Xavier High School Marmier Pontarlier. Add a comment Read more The site Tink By Claude Beaunis on 09/01/13 – 6:13 p.m.

In: a website A nice personal website on the Freinet pedagogy in kindergarten. Add a comment Read more Philosophy of Education By Claude Beaunis the 21/12/12 – 10:29 In: research paper a website Space offers to related resources philosophy of the current francophone education. Resources are documentaries, literature, teaching. The site refers to the main places of research and publication in the field. The bibliographic and methodological work are available.

They do not belong to the webmaster: no more than theoretical research we are all indebted to the community. Add a comment Read more Encycoop Info – The Vendee Globe … here we go … By Claude Beaunis the 12/11/12 – 10:12 In: Gr BTJ a news website pedagogical techniques> literature Encycoop.

Encycoop-School Info, the online encyclopedia for children and by children and their teachers. Add a comment Read more Encycoop manual By Claude Beaunis on 10/26/12 – 8:58 In: Gr. BTJ help, manual a website teaching techniques> retrieval A small manual for encycoop … Add new comment Read more “yes! …

The Swedes have a very different education system “By Claude Beaunis the 13/08/12 – 24:27 In: news article from a website” Pedagogical Cafe “of 13/08/2012 In the quest for an educational ideal, no exception to the rule, the meadow is always greener at the neighbors! This is particularly the case in the Nordic systems, often fantasized but not always well known. Proof of this is part of their founding educational thinking is original … French!

Indeed, for a foreign visitor, Swedish schools could almost all be assimilated to schools applying the pedagogy developed by Freinet. Add a comment Read more New website for FIMEM By Claude Beaunis on 26/07/12 – 11:47 In: Gr. News Computing Tools RIDEF a website When RIDEF Leon, the new site was FIMEM present.

His address: Add Comment Read more Project peer mediation in schools in Clermont l’Herault By Claude Beaunis on 22/06/12 – 10:52 In: news web site the link to a film made on school mediation arising from placements Generation Ombudsmen. A must see and disseminate without moderation to help convince the undecided! a comment Encycoop Info: France would have the 50 this year By Claude Beaunis the 07/06/12 – 10:16 In: news website of pedagogical techniques> research documentary in 2012, the steamer France would have 50 this year. The France was a transatlantic liner built to the Atlantic shipyards in Saint-Nazaire, where it was launched on 11 May 1960 in the presence of the President of the French Republic, Charles de Gaulle.

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